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    Friday, July 26, 2013

    Free Shuttle Bus Information

    Oct. 5th-Shuttle Bus to ItaThao Pier (For event start: 16:00~18:30; After event end: 20:00~22:00)

    • Red Line:
      Zhongming (Shoufu Temple)↔60K, Provincial Highway 21↔Jiulongkou (Miracolo View Hotel) ↔Fleur de Chine Hotel↔Wenwu Temple↔Youth Activity Center (Cable Car Station)
    • Green Line:
      Delight Mall( Shuishe Visitor Center)↔ItaThaoYiyong Street Entrance

    Oct. 12th, Oct. 13th-Shuttle Bus to Shuishe Visitor Center
    Oct. 12th (For event start: 16:00~19:30; After event end: 21:00~22:00)
    Oct. 13th (For event start: 16:00~20:30; After event end: 21:30~23:00)

    • Red Line:
      Zhongming (Shoufu Temple)↔60K, Provincial Highway 21↔Chushih Park ↔Delight Mall( Shuishe Visitor Center) 
    • Green Line:
      ItaThaoYiyong Street Entrance ↔Wenwu Temple ↔ Fleur de Chine Hotel ↔Delight Mall( Shuishe Visitor Center) 
    • Yellow Line:
      Xiangshan Visitor Center ↔64.5K, Provincial Highway 21 ↔Delight Mall( Shuishe Visitor Center)


    1. Free Shuttle Service only for event start and end.
    2. The “Shuttle Service for Fireworks & Music Festival” & “Bus Line” will be showed on the front of bus, please follow the direction.
    3. The traffic will be controlled, as well as the route of shuttle service.
    4. 1~1.5 hour before the event end, the shuttle service will be temporarily stopped in order to smoothly disperse the crowds afterward.
    5. Please be patient when waiting for the bus, more shuttle buses will be dispatched if needed.

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