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    Saturday, July 5, 2014

    Sun Moon Lake Fireworks & Music Festival

    • Date: October 18th (Saturday)
    • Time: 12:00~24:00
    • Venue: ItaThao Pier
    • Activities: Cyclocross, Hiking Around Mountain Lake and Camping
    • Performer: Mixer, Hawawa Yang, ECHO, Luantan Ascent
    Time Content Remarks
    12:00-13:00 Check in for Cyclocross race
    1300 Cyclocross Race Start
    2 Groups Start
    1300-14:00 Check in for Enjoy Cycloross/Hiking
    14:00 Enjoy Cycloross/Hiking Start Start every 30 mins
    1700-1730 Cyclocross Award and side events + lucky draw
    1730-2000 Concert + Fireworks
    2200-2400 Camping & Movies
    • Cyclocross
      Electronic Control Card will be used. Participants will get the control card and map on the event day.
      Cyclocross Race: Men’s group, women’s group and man & woman group, 2 participants as one group, the first 3 groups of each can get award
      Route: Ita Thao, Shuishe, Syuanguang Temple, only 350 groups
      Enjoy Cyclocross: 3 participants as one group, gifts will be offered after finish
      Route: Ita Thao, only 100 groups
    • Hiking Around Mountain LakeIta Thao Pier→Ita Thao Lakeside Trail→Shueiuatou Hiking Trail→Sun Moon Lake Ropeway (Sun Moon Lake station)→Youth Activity Center→Mt.Shueisheda Hiking Trail→Mt.Shueisheda Hiking Trail Entrance→Ita Thao Village→Ita Thao Pier, 2000 participants only.
    • CampingLet’s camp and enjoy movies and warm-up calisthenics together.

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